This is me, shouting my love for my partners from the metaphorical rooftops.

I started out with literally three people I RPed with and continued that way for a couple months with on and off threads here and there. I wrote mostly fluff and didn’t push my character all that hard. But my partners inspired me to work harder, be more. I started to become more involved and now my Steve is a honest to goodness strong muse who has more depth than I could have hoped for.

I feel proud and honored to write with these folks, be allowed in their plots, and to play opposite them. ioncebrokeharlemtheavengertonystarkSHIELD-nanny,vpottsCEOagentclntbrtn, and zapzaptasers have my admiration and my friendship. Honestly, they are all spot on RPers and I couldn’t ask for a better little family, better people to put up with my muse and I. 

So thank you, every single one of you, for pushing my writing and giving me something to look forward to daily. -thevalueofstrength

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