I’m in love with tigersniper’s blog. Will, you’re amazing. Honestly, I adore you and your writing and your Sebastian and you intimidate the fuck out of me, but I love you all the same. Every time I get on your blog, and I just /attempt/ to message you, I can’t. You’re too perfect. Keep doing what you do. Please. -Anonymous

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    // Christ, Jay! Some day, one of us is going to actually die from a laughter induced aneurysm. I accept your creepy love...
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    // Reblogging for truth. It took me far longer than necessary to finally talk to him after creeping on his blog. I just...
  3. tigersniper said: // I can’t message you as your askbox isn’t active, but - Jeez. You’ve made me awkward and not entirely sure how to react, so I’ll settle for a manly punch on the arm and maybe a little face-licking.
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