"I’d like to make a shout out to two very important RP partners in my life whom in my opinion, deserve more appreciation and acknowledgement for their kindness. medicsassistant and thatcanadiansoldier are the greatest people I could ever ask for. Both have stuck with me during my rambling and sorrows and still have taken the time to roleplay with me even when my ideas were silly or stupid. medicsassistant stuck with me even before I joined tumblr and has always accepted me for who I was. She’s one of the greatest roleplayers I’ve ever seen and has the CUTEST little Medic assistant in tumblfort, and in my opinion, I believe she runs the greatest Medic in the RP verse, even if she was a slight self insert. thatcanadiansoldier has the most fantastic AU ideas and in my opinion, rp’s as a very unique and creative Soldier. I can see his personality, it’s believable, it’s interesting, and their replies always make me stumped and challenge me to make my replies more unique and fantastic. Their writing inspires me and both these people have made a huge impact on my life IC and OOC. I love medicsassistant like a little sister and am proud to say that thatcanadiansoldier is one of my lovers and I am so glad I have these two wonderful people in my life.

Please, never change you guys and thank you for all that you’ve done for me.” -irishsoldier

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