Is this place closed or on hiatus?

At the moment it’s actually a rather long story. This place takes a lot of work and maintenance. Each confession takes about five minutes (absolute minimum) to make because of finding images, the editing and then the uploading. And we used to have a very loyal helper base, but as people started getting busier and we ourselves (the admins) started getting busier the confessions which could be made every day thinned out. But the number of confessions being sent in did not. It got to a point where we had 200 messages in the inbox and of course we closed it for a while, but two weeks passed and because the smaller group of people who were making confessions could only make so many we’d only gotten through a tiny amount of confessions. The time went on and we finally managed to finish all of the confessions but the moment Christmas hit and the confessions started coming in again we had 170 within a week and a half and only three people able to work. After that one dropped out leaving one admin and one helper to work through over 200 confessions. Which is rather overwhelming.

Now, tumblr tells us we have 405 messages, but we can’t actually access them all. Because for some reason there’s a corruption somewhere along the lines, so when trying to actually look at the confessions we can’t get past the first page. Tumblr services was contacted but no reply was given and as of now there are no helpers around which leaves one incredibly busy-with-real-life staff member and a corrupted page. 

This blog is amazing and I have been so privilidged by the support given to it. And I want to continue it. It’s a help group, a network of roleplayers and I love that. It’s actually you guys that prompted my dissertation (thesis) topic about the internet and it’s uses in communication between friends as well as the negative effects which tends to be portrayed. You guys are amazing. But we can never run it by ourselves, it’s impossible. 

So, yes, we are on hiatus, at least until we can figure out this corruption bug and attempt to get through the backlog of messages. We don’t want you guys to forget us or to think we’re not here for you guys. We are working, we promise, technology and time are just against us right now.

Eryn (Confessions Admin)

I had taken a year off from Tumblr thinking I would never do Rping again. However everything changed shortly after my creation of my character and then I met msmockingbird. She is honestly the best Rp partner I’ve ever had and ones of my best friends.

Everyday I look forward to coming on here both rping or just wanting to chat. I love our paring and they are my #1 OTP. My days are always brightened by our paring. You truly are the best Lindsey you really are.


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Alittlebitunethical is one of the best people out there. She doesn’t believe it, but it is true. I know that everyone in superwholockinspace loves her and we wish she saw how amazing she is. I know that she has been a true friend to me and I don’t know what I would do without her. I talk to her the most ooc and she is always there to send me virtual hugs and one time even called me her friend. I found a friend in her that I never expected to ever have with someone on the internet. She is brilliant and sweet. 

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I-Am-Ilanastark is a GREAT roleplayer! She’s improved SO MUCH since she started, and it is my genuine pleasure to be her Main!Verse Tony. I love her character and her mun is a great friend of mine. As far as ‘Daughter Of’ OCs go, she’s the best (and most believable!) Doot-Doot to you, Il. We love you.


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I want to thank everyone in the Kingdom Hearts RP community for making me feel so welcome and wanted among them. Everyone is really nice to one another and it’s extremely heartwarming to see everybody getting along so nicely with each other.

You all have become a kind of family to me, in the short time I’ve been here and I love every last one of you. I’m beyond glad I’m here, and I hope to stay here for a long while, with the rest of you. Thank you so much for everything.


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I have one follower whose every thread turns into smut. We had a welcome thread that they tried to turn towards smut, and when I told them that I was underage and we couldn’t have a thread like that they just dropped the thread completely and ignored all of my attempts to start a different thread with them. I wish they’d reply because I love their writing style and loved RPing with them but it seems that if we can’t smut they’re just not interested. -Anonymous

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Almost all of the blogs I like to “stalk” are either on hiatus or have just been busy/having a dry spell lately. Usually, I read their roleplays before I go to sleep, but now I can’t. And that’s the only thing that keeps me from having terrible night terrors. -Anonymous

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I am disappointed that there aren’t any darksiders roleplay blogs, the series is very open and unique, it has tons of possibilities, but I it’s guess because the series isn’t that well known. -ask-the-reaper

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“The only reason I actually have a favorite roleplayer is because I only have one person to roleplay with. When I find out people want to roleplay with me or I ask them to roleplay and they agree to it, I get excited..but when I post the starter, they reply to it a few times and forget or ignore it…It hurts me a lot and feels like I’m not worth their time…or anyones times.

I’m just really thank-ful for my one roleplay because they don’t forget and they actually care and want to roleplay with me.” -Anonymous 

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